Thrutopian Writing Anthology

Exploring hopeful futures

Call for Submissions

The Thrutopian Creatives seek submissions for an anthology of Thrutopian writing, which explores pathways from where we are now to a world we’d be proud to leave to future generations.

Our aim is to spark possibilities in the collective imagination that bridge us from the current devastating polycrises to a regenerative, equitable future for all life. If your work speaks to this in any way, please submit it for consideration.

We’re seeking high-quality writing from 100 to 6,000 words, although works of < 3,000 words are encouraged. Open to short stories, essays, poetry, graphic arts, and other short-format writings, both fiction and non-fiction.


This call is for participants of the Accidental Gods’ Thrutopian MasterClass. We hope to extend the invitation more broadly for future projects.

We will share details about our selection process for this anthology on this page by the submission deadline. We may additionally invite selected established writers to contribute in order to enhance our reach and address diversity gaps.

Reprints are acceptable as long as you have publishing rights or can obtain necessary permissions.

Publication and Payment

Details about where and how the anthology will be published are to be decided. An update will be posted to this page by the submission deadline.

Everyone involved with this project is volunteering and we do not have outside funding. Given this, no payment for writers can be offered at this point. If this anthology generates any profits, we will collectively decide how to distribute or reinvest them.

How to submit

The submission deadline is Sunday September 22, 2024.

Please include your name, email, phone number, and word count at the top of the document. Send submissions to thrutopiancreatives@gmail.com as a .doc or .docx file.

If you intend to submit a piece, please fill out this brief form.

(Not mandatory, but it helps us with planning.)

Looking for inspiration? Check out these samples of Thrutopian writing and prompts.

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