Frequently asked questions…

Here are a list of those most frequently asked. We hope you can find the information you need here. If you need more, write to us:

Who is this for?

If you are a writer of novels, short stories, screenplays, documentaries, poetry, stageplays, radioplays or songs, then this is for you.

If you aspire to write any of the above you are also welcome, but please understand that we are not teaching the basics of writing. This is a masterclass and we presume that you understand how to write in your chosen form.

This is a ground-breaking masterclass offering idea generation, narrative incubation, dissemination guidance and a supportive community of fellow writers.

But does that include me?

Yes! You’ve got this far. You care about the issues. You have a desire to write. You are absolutely the kind of person this course was made for!

What if I miss a session? Are they recorded?

All sessions are recorded and will be available on the website soon after the session has ended.

You will have access to all these resources for the duration of the course and for a further 6 months following the completion of the teaching sessions so that collaborative groups within our community can continue to flourish.

Will you help edit my work?

Editing services are not included as part of the course.

However, we anticipate that groups within the community may well offer reciprocal editing between members.

We also have trained writing coaches supporting the sessions and you may be able to make private arrangements with them to pay for editing help if you require this.

How much time will I need for this?

The 13 Spark/Masterclass sessions run fortnightly on Sunday evenings from 6pm until 9pm UK time (with a break).

The Professional Priming sessions will be 1 hour long and may run on the Sundays between, or on a midweek evening.

How much time you spend on preparatory reading and working with what you’ve learned in between the sessions will be up to you.

The full calendar with dates will be available in the Course Hub for those who  have signed up.

Is this all online?

Yes – the course is run online.

The Spark sessions will air to the whole group with an option to ask questions of our speaker if you wish.

The Masterclass will create flexible breakout groups in smaller numbers so we can work through the ideas together.